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THE MARKET OF STAINLESS STEEL BAR AND WIRE IN INDONESIA - The market volume of stainless steel in the form of rod, small bar and wire, has
experienced a considerable increase in recent years, in line with the growth of user
industries primarily include industrial wire welding (welding electrodes), nuts and bolts,
gaskets, spring and industrial furniture made of metal. However, because there is no
industry in the country that produces stainless steel products, then the increase in the
market volume is entirely enjoyed by imported products.
Stainless steel rod is stainless steel which is the result of a process of hot rolled in the
form of coil, which will be further processed by downstream industries. This material will
be processed as cold drawn to be wire or small bars in diameter, properties and finishing
as required by the end user industries.

Stainless steel bar market volume is shown from the increasing amount of imported
materials stabilized lately. After that, the market volume fluctuated with an increasing
trend to an increase in market volume significantly.
Judging from the grade, stainless steel bar and wire which the most widely imported
grade are SS 304, SS 316 and special grade. Approximately 70% of SS 304 directly
imported by industrial users in Indonesia, and only about 30% are imported by a trader or

The domestic market for stainless steel rod, bars and wires are still highly dependent on
imported products, because there is no domestic industry producing it. Imports of this
material showed a positive growth trend. This growth was driven by development of its
downstream industries, especially welding electrodes industry, nuts and bolts industry,
also made of metal and furniture industry.
Imports of stainless steel rod, bar and wire showed increased fairly stable even though it
had been a surge of imports then fell back surged again until doubled. Judging from its
value, the growth rate of imports of stainless steel is greater, because it is driven by the
increase in stainless steel prices in the last 3 years.
Manufacturer of welding wire using various grades of stainless steel bars such as SS
304, SS 316 and special grade. However, the most widely used is the grade SS 304.
Meanwhile, grade SS 316, widely used in industrial gaskets and equipment in the
synthetic fiber industry.
Importers of stainless steel bar and wire consists of industry-user and trader or stockist.
The role of the user industry as very large direct importer in the total imports of stainless
steel bars and wire.

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