Senin, 28 Desember 2015

The wire steel in Indonesia

The wire steel Indonesia - One of the particular demands in steel manufacturing is the wire steel or also known as wire rope. One of the most competing countries in the wire steel manufacturing is
Indonesia. The increasing demand in the wire steel market in the Asian region has
brought many companies to join the wire steel competition.
The volcanic activity in the Indonesian region has brought the best quality steel ore.
This explains why many companies in Indonesia produce these wire steel rods, and
lead to the abundant supply of wire steel in Indonesia. This also attracts many
foreign investor as well as supplier to buy good quality steel from Indonesia. The
wire steel or steel wire is a product which is describe as a thin rod that has wire like
finish. The wire which then joint tight together and rolled which then can used as
ropes. The finish product may differ from different method and processes, most wire steel
in Indonesia have already carbon content. This type of wire steel is used to produce
all kinds and various products such as automotive, electronic, house appliances, and
office use.

Quality Steel Wire is also important component for construction components or heavy
equipment such as bridge, ski lift (elevator) and crane. All of these uses are either to
lift, hold or hang objects. The wire steel that formed into a long rope can be used as
lifting aids, slings, hoister which can be use directly to hold heavy load of material.
So the steel wire rope becomes the critical components parts that require strength.
Many company that produce steel wire in Indonesia has methods and process that
guarantees high quality that dated way back to the 70’s. Most has considered as a
leading company with high experience in wire steel manufacturing.
The methods use carefully calculated and handling so that the steel wire is not only
has good strength but also safe to use. The process also has to meet the conditions of
the supervision strictly in the manufacturing process, as well as international
regulation. The steel wire in Indonesia has supervision, ranging from the provision
of materials, processes, and finished products to maintain the level A high precision.
Such precision for example, is the diameter of the steel wire rope produced by
The methods also count to the location where the steel wire steel will be used, this is
done in an effort to adjust the conditions by request or custom tailored clientele.

Jumat, 11 Desember 2015

The Quality of Indonesian Wire Steel Variant

The quality of wire steel Indonesia has reached the global standard in producing methods as well its finished products. The wire steel is a product of long wire made form steel, which comes in rolls. This long and thins rod are joint tight together and almost looked like a steel rope. Hence this wire steel is also called a wire ropes.
Wire steel or wire rod is a rolled product, produced from billet. The cross section has a round or rectangular shape. Cold forming, or drawing process may achieve the fine section. The wire rod is used to produce different kind of product. Depending on how is form cold or heat treated, such wore is use for producing wire ropes, barbed wire, wire mesh and even nails. Some wire is also made into springs, welded wire mesh and reinforcement wire. The wire diameter is ranging from 9mm (rod) and 14 mm to 45 mm (bar in coils)

The Quality of Indonesia Wire Steel - Wire steel however, has its limitation. Wire steel would break off because of many reasons. In many case it will require some study and even research in details on the maximum use, mechanical use and even environmental affects. Some steel wire needs treatment in the methods and even process to meet its needs. But some limitation is already known to be the main cause of wire steel damages, these probability is explained as follow;

  1. Tension: excessive load or large object use to hold directly to the wire. When used frequently and occurs shock (sudden tension) due to the slacks or when objects is removed.
  2. Wear and tear: Wire break up due to the depletion of the surface of the wire in direct contact with other equipment. Wire experiencing continuous friction.
  3. Exhaustion: Wire break up generally split lengthwise if used continuously. Often wire bents after passing sheave or drum with a smaller diameter so that the elasticity of steel wire rope exceeds the maximum limit.
  4. Corrosion: Surface corrosion of steel wire could include with the three factors above. This evidently happens if the wire operates without the use of lubrication. Corrosion is the most dangerous because it can damage the steel wire rope from the inside.
  5. Cuts: generally resulted form crammed between two components where steel wire rope moving.

Most company that produce wire steel Indonesia, have provision as well as supervision to achieve high-grade products. To insure high quality standards such as maintenance and inspections on steel wire ropes production, check their methods or processes that has ISO grade by the company’s internal regulation as Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Minggu, 15 November 2015


THE MARKET OF STAINLESS STEEL BAR AND WIRE IN INDONESIA - The market volume of stainless steel in the form of rod, small bar and wire, has
experienced a considerable increase in recent years, in line with the growth of user
industries primarily include industrial wire welding (welding electrodes), nuts and bolts,
gaskets, spring and industrial furniture made of metal. However, because there is no
industry in the country that produces stainless steel products, then the increase in the
market volume is entirely enjoyed by imported products.
Stainless steel rod is stainless steel which is the result of a process of hot rolled in the
form of coil, which will be further processed by downstream industries. This material will
be processed as cold drawn to be wire or small bars in diameter, properties and finishing
as required by the end user industries.

Stainless steel bar market volume is shown from the increasing amount of imported
materials stabilized lately. After that, the market volume fluctuated with an increasing
trend to an increase in market volume significantly.
Judging from the grade, stainless steel bar and wire which the most widely imported
grade are SS 304, SS 316 and special grade. Approximately 70% of SS 304 directly
imported by industrial users in Indonesia, and only about 30% are imported by a trader or

The domestic market for stainless steel rod, bars and wires are still highly dependent on
imported products, because there is no domestic industry producing it. Imports of this
material showed a positive growth trend. This growth was driven by development of its
downstream industries, especially welding electrodes industry, nuts and bolts industry,
also made of metal and furniture industry.
Imports of stainless steel rod, bar and wire showed increased fairly stable even though it
had been a surge of imports then fell back surged again until doubled. Judging from its
value, the growth rate of imports of stainless steel is greater, because it is driven by the
increase in stainless steel prices in the last 3 years.
Manufacturer of welding wire using various grades of stainless steel bars such as SS
304, SS 316 and special grade. However, the most widely used is the grade SS 304.
Meanwhile, grade SS 316, widely used in industrial gaskets and equipment in the
synthetic fiber industry.
Importers of stainless steel bar and wire consists of industry-user and trader or stockist.
The role of the user industry as very large direct importer in the total imports of stainless
steel bars and wire.